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Blog Archive: 2020

Mindfulness Tips for Lawyers

A 2017 article in the Globe and Mail referenced a Canadian research study that suggests lawyers are more likely to experience mental health struggles the more successful they are in their field. How awful. Furthermore, our self expectations may be holding us back from happiness and success.

Personal Branding for Lawyers

Have you thought about your personal brand recently? How attractive is it? Can you draw in the people – the perfect clients, lawyers, referral sources and business partners – who could make an enormous difference in your effort to share your unique gifts with the world and fulfill your highest potential?

Wills and Estate Update due to COVID-19

What’s that? Wills and powers of attorney can now be "virtually" signed and be legal? How has the Ontario government Emergency Order been interpreted and what does this mean for your practice?

RRIFs, RSPs and Insurance Investments in Estate Planning

There are many things to take into consideration when estate planning for your clients. One area which can be particularly tricky is how to account for registered financial investments like RSPs and RRIFs.

Understanding COVID-19 Federal Programs

Employers thought recent whipsawing between two revisions to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 in one year was confusing. That was nothing compared to the deluge of acronyms and information flooding us in this COVID-19 world.

AI and the Paperless Office

AI is often touted as something to be feared and that it will be the demise of our profession. The truth, while perhaps a little less dramatic, is that AI can and will improve our efficiency and results if we are willing to embrace new software applications and technology.

Does Being a Lawyer Take a Mental Toll on You?

Do you feel that being a lawyer comes with an unwritten rule that you have to always be strong? That you need to be perfect? That you always have to keep it together? A lot of lawyers feel that way, but it can lead us down some dark roads if we let it go unchecked.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Lawyers

You probably have a LinkedIn profile, and perhaps you've posted a few times or liked or shared a few posts. Is LinkedIn still a useful social media tool or is it a waste of time?

Mental Health and the Practice of Law

Recent studies have confirmed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that depression and anxiety are prevalent among lawyers. With our current reality in mind, I thought it was important to share content that addresses mental health and the practice of law. Now, more than ever, it is of critical importance to recognize the symptoms of depression and anxiety in ourselves and our peers, take it seriously, and be treated professionally.

Improve Your Virtual Meeting Skills in 4 Easy Steps!

We're all adapting to a new way of working with our clients this month. The leap from in-person conferences and client meetings to virtual online meetings and presentations may seem straightforward, but can you be sure that the experience is optimal for the person or people on the other side of the screen?

Is Your Pre-Trial Preparation Up to Scratch?

If you are a litigator, you are well aware of how prepared you need to be for pre-trials. However, do you have a checklist and a set of rules you follow to make sure you have covered all your bases and are able to bring your "A" game?

How to Market Your Law Firm Effectively

While we are all experts (or almost experts) in our field, we have a lot to learn when we start a firm or take on more management responsibilities such as accounting, HR, website design, sales, marketing and so much more. It can be daunting!

Excelling at Mediation Advocacy

Mitchell Rose, an experienced mediator, shares 40 tips to excel at "mediation advocacy".

Are You Up-to-Date on Driving Offence Provisions?

Despite substantial public attention and education due to the serious and often tragic nature of driving under the influence, and distracted driving, drivers continue to offend and are facing criminal charges.

Commercial Litigation: The Latest From the CCLA

In our third installment from the 2019 CCLA Civil Litigation Conference in November, we're covering the Commercial Litigation Panel.

What does privacy mean in the age of technology?

In this second installment from the 2019 CCLA Civil Litigation Conference in November, I bring you a fresh batch of CPD content for Employment Lawyers.

How the Internet Can Work For Or Against You!

Whether it is work, personal life or play, we are all connected all the time. Our phones, tablets or laptops are never far from our grasp and they know more about us, our activities, and our private information than ever before.

How Does Legal Cannabis Impact Your Practice?

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for over a year now. Can you answer your clients’ cannabis related questions, with confidence?

Supreme Court of Canada Annual Review: 2019 Edition

This week we bring you the Toronto Law Association’s 6th annual Supreme Court of Canada roundup. The expert panel of seasoned lawyers and scholars returns to offer insightful comments about recent decisions by our top court and identify emerging trends in the areas of civil, criminal, and public law.

Do You Know How to Value a Company or any Income-Producing Asset?

Is your client planning on a merger or acquisition to achieve a better competitive position in the marketplace? To grow sales? To lower costs? To take advantage of synergies? Apparently, over half of all mergers & acquisitions fail to achieve their expected value. As a result, buyer’s often complain they "paid too much".

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