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How to Handle Conditional Sentence Breach Hearings; Taking Care of Yourself: Wellness for Lawyers

The County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) hosts this insightful double feature. Anne Marie McElroy, and Samantha Robinson cover everything counsel needs to know about conditional sentence breach proceedings, from the initial arrest on the CSO breach and/or new offence, the bail stage, resolving the new charges or setting them for trial, and the conditional sentence breach hearing itself.

Hot Topics in Privacy Law

The Toronto Lawyers Association hosts presenters Kira Domratchev, Fida Hindi, Jennifer L. Hunter, and Avner Levin, as they cover relevant topics in privacy law.

Lessons in Efficiency and Effectiveness for Civil Trials

Advanced preparation before civil trials streamlines the process, and improves overall access to justice.

Everyday Cultural Competency for Lawyers

Join the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) as they host presenters Abdalla Barqawi, and Tom Conway, who discuss accessibility in the legal profession.

The Intersection of Family and Estates Law

The Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) brings you this panel presentation. Join the Honourable Justice Cory Gilmore, Sarah Engel, Kimberly Whaley, and Sarah Boulby, as they examine challenging crossover issues between family law and estates.

From the Water Cooler to the Courtroom: The Professionalism Panel

During this County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) program the panelists, Sean May, Dominique Hussey, Atrisha Lewis, Vicky Ringuette, Karen Perron, and Mike Winward, consider multiple professionalism topics

A Refresher on RDSPs, Henson Trusts, and Disability Trusts; A Caselaw Update

The Middlesex Law Association hosts this week’s webinar session presented by Kerry Rizzo, and Lou-Anne Farrell. Kerry Rizzo covers Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs) and Henson Trusts, while Lou-Anne Farrell provides an update on case law.

Challenging and Presenting Expert Evidence: Preparation, Procedure and Practice

In this County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) program, Solomon Friedman shares how to prepare for challenging the Crown’s expert at trial, and how to prepare your own expert for trial.

CaseLines Tips and Tricks

Join us for this Frontenac Law Association (FLA) webinar on tips and tricks that will improve your knowledge of CaseLines and help you avoid pitfalls in court.

Catastrophic Impairments: Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Middlesex Law Association (MLA) hosts this webinar dealing with pediatric traumatic brain injuries.

What Every Family Lawyer and Civil Litigator Needs to Know About the New Tort of Family Violence

The Middlesex Law Association (MLA) hosts this week’s timely seminar on the Court's recently recognized new tort of family violence.

Healthy Lawyers Healthy Practices

This informative webinar session is brought to you by the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA). Join Shawn Erker as he presents healthy practices lawyers can adopt to help manage the stress of the profession. 

Refresher on the Drainage Act, and Agreements of Purchase and Sale

This real estate webinar hosted by the Middlesex Law Association (MLA), features John Goudy discussing the Drainage Act, as well as Professor Michael Lamb providing a refresher on Agreements of Purchase and Sale.

The Role of Cognitive Bias on Lawyers and the Practice of Law

Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) hosts this program presented by the husband-wife duo, David Rudolf, featured in Netflix’s hit "The Staircase," and Sonya Pfeiffer, an award-winning journalist who covered the real-life trial behind the series.

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