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Author Talk with Marie Henein. ‘Nothing But The Truth’

In this program, Ms. Henein shares her experiences as an Egyptian-Lebanese Canadian, and how she learned the value of hard work through being true to herself and others.

Parental Leave and Practicing Law

Thinking about what parental leave looks like as a lawyer? Parental leave looks different for every lawyer.

Technology in Litigation

Technological tools have become a mainstay of the modern courtroom. Counsel must either adapt to this new reality or be left behind. Our experienced presenters will focus on best practices for the use of technology in the preparation and presentation of a case in both civil and criminal context.

Representing the Welfare of Indigenous Families

Join our presenters to demystify the new Federal Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Metis Children, Youth, and Families which is intended to implement one of the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Law and Climate

In this week's TLA seminar, we dive into the climate crisis. The growing number of climate disasters have been followed by an explosion of climate litigation.

Remote Work Wellness Issues

In part one of CCLA’s timeless seminar on remote work wellness issues, our presenters cover issues surrounding remote work wellness, practical technology issues facing solicitors working remotely, and how to deal with clients not revealing the entire truth.

The Effects Of Conflict on The Brain

In this week's TLA seminar, we dive into the climate crisis. The growing number of climate disasters have been followed by an explosion of climate litigation.

DivorceMate: Tips & Tricks

In this week's featured seminar, you will hear from our popular presenter as she discusses DivorceMate’s family law software. Topics covered will range from on-desktop and cloud calculation differences, spousal support double-dipping, and much more.

Costs & Clients

Within this informational CCLA seminar, you will hear from three accomplished presenters on topics surrounding litigation costs, clients and accounts. Learn from their experiences and gain knowledge you may not have known you needed and get an hour of CPD credit at the same time.

Ethical Issues In Estates

In this featured conference, our seasoned presenters review and discuss topics surrounding ethics, professional responsibility, practice management, in wills and estates law.

Communication and Advocacy Challenges

In this featured communication and advocacy panel, you will hear from three experienced presenters on topics of litigation guardians, effective communication involving clients with serious mental health issues and trauma communication tips.

Get Answers: Spousal Support

In today's seminar, our presenters highlight some recent decisions in emerging areas of family law. Some of these topics will include answering what constitutes living together for purposes of claiming spousal support, how you determine spousal support and whether it ever ends.

Tax Issues for Estates

In this featured MLA seminar, the 17th Annual Wills, Estates & Trusts Conference, our featured presenter focuses on tax law in wills and estates law. Specific topics will include the principal residence exemption, farm property rollovers, an update on Bill C-208 and upcoming amendments to that legislation.

Changes to Estate Practice due to Bill 245

In this timely MLA program, the speakers present changes to the estate practice due to Bill 245. Many of its significant changes went into effect as of January 1, 2022, so it is important to make sure you are up-to-date.

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