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Refresher on the Drainage Act, and Agreements of Purchase and Sale

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

This real estate webinar hosted by the Middlesex Law Association (MLA), features John Goudy discussing the Drainage Act, as well as Professor Michael Lamb providing a refresher on Agreements of Purchase and Sale.

The Role of Cognitive Bias on Lawyers and the Practice of Law

Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) hosts this program presented by the husband-wife duo, David Rudolf, featured in Netflix’s hit "The Staircase," and Sonya Pfeiffer, an award-winning journalist who covered the real-life trial behind the series.

Lessons Learned from Victories and Defeats in Family Law

In today’s featured seminar from the Frontenac Law Association, Mike Swindley and James Eastwood share lessons learned from past victories and defeats in Family Law. The expert presenters provide detailed examples from past cases that cover a wide variety of topics.

Reasonably Restrictive: Narrow Non-Competition and Appropriate Non-Solicitation

This Frontenac Law Association (FLA) program is presented by Eytan Rip, and covers restrictive covenants within employment law.

The Honourable George R. Strathy’s Reflections

The former Chief Justice Honourable George R. Strathy offers his reflections on the importance of mental health in the legal profession, and what firms can do to destigmatize mental health issues and increase their lawyers’ resilience to the stress of the profession.

Legal Issues and Challenges with MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying)

In this program hosted by the Middlesex Law Association, Dr. Emily Jones and Jennifer Wall present the ins and outs of the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) process, and discuss the legal considerations, and complications that may arise due to MAiD.

Summary Judgment Judges’ Panel

Join Justice David Brown of the Court of Appeal for Ontario, Justice Adriana Doyle, Justice Charles Hackland, Justice Patrick Hurley, Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin, and Justice Pierre Roger as they share their thoughts and insights into summary judgment motions with reference to recent cases.

Islamophobia and the Law

Following the one year anniversary of the devastating loss of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, please join Middlesex Law Association panelists, Ali Chahbar and Nusaiba Al-Azem, as they discuss "Islamophobia and the Law."

Foreseeability in Negligence: Duty of Care Versus Remoteness and Knowing the Difference

The County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) hosts this presentation featuring Professor Erik Knutsen, on foreseeability in the law of negligence.

New and Noteworthy/Employment Law Roundup (Can we talk about something else besides COVID?)

Are you experiencing pandemic fatigue? In this informative seminar from the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA), the presenters, Marie-France Dupuis, and Luke Prior, analyze new and noteworthy cases pertaining to employment law that are unrelated to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anti-Black Racism, contingency fee arrangements and partial settlements

Get an early start on your EDI CPD requirements with this week’s presentation hosted by the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) which includes 30 minutes of accredited EDI.

Construction Liens, Mareva Injunctions, Updates on Receivership

The County of Carleton Law Association brings you this two part program from the CCLA Civil Litigation Conference.

Navigating Governance Challenges in Closely Held Companies

The Toronto Lawyers Association hosts this webinar presented by Eric Morgan, and Susan Kushneryk on navigating governance challenges in closely held companies.

Chief Justice George Strathy in conversation with The Honourable Ian Binnie, C.C., Q.C.

The Toronto Lawyers Association brings you this excellent seminar discussion presented by two powerhouses in the legal profession, the current Chief Justice of Ontario George Strathy, and the former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Ian Binnie.

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