When Are You Permitted to Reproduce an Existing Work of Art

Author: Pooja Sihra
Editor: Sahil Kanaya

Saving Taxes on Canadian Legal Services as a Non-Resident

Written by: Thomas Southmayd

In Ontario, charging HST for consulting services is an immediate, required practice. The rest of Canada also shares this practice but conforms with respective provincial regulation. However, regardless of provincial regulation, consulting fees in Canada, such as those you might incur by consulting a lawyer or other such professional, are always taxed.

Ontario: Agreements to Vary

Written by: Sahil Kanaya

There are only four allowable circumstances in which an employer and employee may enter into an agreement to vary from the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) standards. All agreements should:

Pre-emptive Rights – Who Do They Benefit?

Written by: Chris McIvor

What is a Pre-emptive Rights Clause?

Pre-emptive rights clauses can protect existing shareholders from the dilution of their proportionate holdings, and is a type of protection sought by founders and investors alike. The term ‘pre-emptive rights’ usually refers to a ROFO (Right of First Offer). These clauses can be found in various agreements, most commonly shareholder agreements, subscription agreements, and operating agreements.

Side-Hustling Your Way Into a New Career

Written by: Rajah Lehal

For this week’s Founder’s Only I dug into Faheem’s podcast archives.  Faheem is a member of Founder’s Only, and he and I were MBA friends over a decade ago.  We both ran the campus entrepreneur society in different years and have been periodic business partners since graduation.  Faheem assembled a great collection of stories from new company founders who have decided to leave 9 to 5 jobs to start a business.  This collection is entitled “Radical Tribe”.  I dug into this article of Kelly Newsome, a lawyer-turned Yoga instructor.

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