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A Panel on Defence Medicals

Tune into this week’s featured program from the County of Carleton Law Association, which contains excellent information from presenters: Jessica Fullerton, Justice James McNamara, Jennifer Arrigo, and David Hollingsworth.

Covid-19 and the Charter

The Toronto Lawyers Association brings you this webinar on the Covid-19 pandemic and the Charter, and the resulting measures and restrictions to protect the health of Canadians by both federal and provincial governments.

How do I Arbitrate?; Pure Economic Loss and Maple Leaf Foods

The County of Carleton Law Association presents this two part webinar on the ins-and-outs of arbitration and the Supreme Court of Canada’s split decision on Maple Leaf Foods regarding pure economic loss.

The Professionalism Panel

Join the panel as they go into detail on the changes caused by the pandemic both generally and, more specifically, affecting women in the legal profession.

Preparing for and Conducting Cross-Examinations

Matthew Nathanson explains how a witness examination should be prepared and conducted.

Mental Health Awareness and Building Resilience

The County of Carleton Law Association hosts this featured CPD video, in which Dr. Susan Farrel presents answers on what COVID-19 has done to people’s mental health.

Summary Judgment Judges’ Panel

This panel of esteemed judges provides guidance on “everything” summary judgment including identifying cases for summary judgment, proportionality considerations, onus requirements on the moving party, sufficiency of documentary evidence, contemplation of partial summary judgment, and practical tips to be timely, cost effective and obtain a positive result for your clients.

Excelling at Mediation Advocacy

You won’t want to miss this master class for junior-to-mid career lawyers.

For Evidence’s Sake: Getting the Right Evidence Admitted

County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) hosts this week’s educational seminar for litigators on getting the right evidence admitted at trial.

Legal Ethics In The Digital World

The County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA) delivers this week’s seminar on legal ethics In the digital world. Many law societies across the country are adopting new technology-based competency requirements in their rules of professional conduct. i.e. lawyers must be able to understand and use technology in their practice.

Vaccines: Overview and Discussion from the Trenches

Tune into in- house counsel and labour & employment lawyers Michael Babe, Melissa Bastarache, Nicholas Hofley, and Margaret-Marie Steele as they give an overview of vaccine policies across different employment sectors.

Health and Safety in the Pandemic Era

This week’s pertinent TLA seminar showcases experienced employment lawyers who will review occupational health and safety legislation in Ontario, and unique pandemic-era health and safety issues such as vaccination policies and work from home arrangements.

Author Talk with Marie Henein. ‘Nothing But The Truth’

In this program, Ms. Henein shares her experiences as an Egyptian-Lebanese Canadian, and how she learned the value of hard work through being true to herself and others.

Parental Leave and Practicing Law

Thinking about what parental leave looks like as a lawyer? Parental leave looks different for every lawyer.

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