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How much should you compensate your startup company board of advisors/directors?

Written by Rajah Lehal

Who’s Who?

Directors – names are (in most jurisdictions) recorded on the public registrar, role is to protect the shareholders, accept some legal liability, vote on company major decisions. No hands on day-to-day activities.

Executive Director – same as above, but also in an executive role (e.g. President), with hands on day-to-day operational activities.

What is the Difference Between a Contract and a Memorandum of Understanding?

Written by Michael Krznaric
Edited by Rajah Lehal

Although a memorandum of understanding can offer an alternative way to create relationships, it is important to consider how this agreement differs from formal contracts.  As this post explains, poor drafting of a memorandum of understanding can cause significant legal issues.

Five Bits of Advice That Entrepreneurs Need From Their Lawyers

Written by Jennifer Ashley Andaya
Edited by Rajah Lehal, Ian Hume and Alina Butt

The business of corporate law relies upon the entrepreneurial spirit of its clients. So, if you have decided to pursue your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, for a lawyer (and for our beloved, that’s great! But just as much as the law thrives upon entrepreneurialism, entrepreneurialism flourishes with the proper legal services—it’s a two-way street.

Diminishing Returns

By: Assaf Weisz

Here’s something you learn when building teams: at a certain point, growing the team adds to its capabilities by frustratingly less than you thought.

How can a contract dispute be resolved?

By: Farrah Rahman

When you’re involved in a contractual dispute, the process for resolving the dispute should be set out in the contract itself.

If the contract is silent on the point and you can’t resolve your dispute, you will have to use the courts. This can lead to disagreement about which courts have jurisdiction, so it is important to include clauses dealing with both governing law (what law applies) and jurisdiction (which courts can decide a case) in your contract.