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CPD Learning Management System

We'll provide a complete overview of the platform functionality to show you how you can manage and deliver online CPD video content to your employees, partners and customers.

Online CPD Learning Management System & Private Video Libraries

A simple, user friendly online LMS to provide your employees, partners and customers with hosted video training content. Features include content management, credit management, user management, notifications, reporting, and custom branded content.

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Manage Content & Credits

Adding videos to your private video library is easy and intuitive, and can be done in just two steps while providing you with a wide array of video management options.

  • Add a custom teaser thumbnail image for each video
  • Add videos in one of the supported formats – mov, mpg, mp4 or wmv (up to 2GB per file)
  • Assign multiple attributes to videos including categories and subcategories, language, a video description, agenda (which is included in proof of attendance emails), corresponding conference title, length, type of accreditation, presenters, source, provider and more
  • Add handouts in different file formats (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) to videos which are prominently displayed just below the video
  • Manage credits on a provincial (Canada) or state (USA) level – ask us about adding additional states
  • Easily un-publish videos while retaining all associated user history

Manage Users

Simply provide someone with your private video library code and they can input it when they register on for instant access to the private video library. You can disable access to users on an individual basis, maintaining full control.

Track the history of videos watched and credits earned by each user who have access to your private video library.

User Report

The user report gives an up to date and comprehensive list of all the videos that have been watched in your library, who they have been watched by, how many credits they earned and in what jurisdiction.

Custom Content

We can add custom content blocks that ensure brand visibility and messaging throughout your private library. There is a lot of flexibility to display different types of information and content about your organization in different regions on every screen.

User Interface

The interface for browsing videos is intuitive and very easy to use. All of the video views, sorting and filtering options available on the main site are available to all private video libraries.

A proof of attendance email, that includes a custom message if required, is sent to a user upon completion of watching a CPD video.

Mobile friendly is mobile responsive. This means that your private video library will work on any desktop computer and iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows mobile devices.

Law, Accounting and Finance Firms

Since the cost of video production has decreased so much in the past few years, video has become the easiest way to capture and disseminate a firm’s expertise and education. When a firm takes the time and expends the effort to video tape its in-house and sponsored continuing education events, it’s important to have a strategy in place to maximize the value of the content created.

Videotaped CLE is now an allowed format in every Canadian jurisdiction for professionals to use towards their CPD requirement.

Video content is ideal for professionals who missed an in-house session. It’s ideal for off-site professionals who reside in satellite offices. It’s also a value added educational opportunity for select clients, as they can be given controlled access, through the library site, to a firm’s offerings.

Another significant benefit of the service is the possibility of using videotaped content as a marketing vehicle to position a firm’s expertise. provides a private and confidential platform for a firm’s video content. Videos which are loaded to a firm’s branded site are only accessible to a firm’s professionals and select clients using a secure access code.


Private library video hosting starts as low as $120 per video per year and is free for users that you provide access to.

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