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I’m going to tell you what are the advantages of being involved with CPDonline. I’m going to kick that off now. I get to choose what I want to see and create my own cpd; I get to see what other lawyers are doing in other regions of Ontario and I love that. I really really appreciate that; I get to see what’s going on in London, Toronto, etc. You get to see experts that you don’t normally see.

Roger Trudel

You guys are just better than the painfully boring and uninformative webinars I’ve attended in the past simply to get the hours. Your stuff is good and so I feel better about completing the requirements.

Paul Shenton

This has been a godsend for my budget. Having access to these videos has also been a huge convenience. My goal is to learn more, and these videos have been excellent.

Sonja Barnes

We have five lawyers in the firm; we use to spend around $6000.00 per year. Now with CPDonline we spend a fraction of that…$1566.00.

Nicholas E. Gehl

Wills Estates, Real Estate
Firm Subscriber
Accessing the speaker handouts was really easy. The price is great. From my perspective the bang for buck is solid.

Adam Freud

Business, Real Estate, Litigation, Wills Estates
Individual Subscriber
CPDonline’s programs are professional and the website is easy to use. CPDonline’s videos are also a much better price and quality compared to other on-demand providers.

Frances Brennan

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