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On demand CPD videos for legal and finance professionals

On demand CPD videos for legal and finance professionals

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With one account, you can access a wide range of CPD videos for legal and financial professionals. Whether you're at the office or at the cottage, CPDonline makes it simple to watch now or watch later.

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Want to be a Rainmaker?

Are you a rainmaker? Are there any rainmakers at your firm? What is so special about rainmakers? Very few lawyers are or ever will be true rainmakers. Rainmaking itself is a full-time occupation and, typically, it defaults to one or two lawyers in the firm.

Court Finds Probationary Employee is Entitled to Reasonable Notice of Termination

Probationary periods can limit an employer’s obligations and exposure to risk during the initial months of employment. However, probationary periods do not provide an employer with carte blanche.

In our firm all six partners and an associate are subscribers… I did find the site easy to access and easy to use. I am finding this whole idea of CPDonline much more economical than doing these seminars piece meal at the law society or online. Definitely, a good selling feature was the pricing.

Stuart M. Peikes

Firm Subscriber