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General Questions - Law

What is is an on-demand video site that allows lawyers and paralegals a convenient opportunity to access and view continuing professional development content as required by their respective law societies.

What is my CPD requirement?

Each province has its own requirement. These requirements are in a state of flux. As a result of the changing nature of the CPD requirement it’s best to visit your society’s website. Learn more about Jurisdictional Allowances.

How are credits organized?

Credits are either “substantive” (within a practice area) or “professionalism”(outside substantive or procedural law). Professionalism hours cover such topics as practice management, financial management, ethics, client communication, etc. Occasionally a single course will have both substantive and professionalism content.

How do I get my credits on

After you have viewed a video you must access your law society’s portal to input the course you’ve viewed, its value, and the date of viewing. In some provinces you simply need to add the course to your personal CPD plan.

How many hours of my CPD requirement can I fulfill through

You can complete your entire CPD requirement through viewing videos on Different jurisdictions have different rules for viewing video content. For example, in Ontario six hours can be viewed alone and beyond this number videos must be viewed in the presence of a colleague. Because of the changing nature of the CPD requirement and of the educational formats allowed it’s best to visit your law society’s site.

How can I contact a speaker?

Unfortunately, cannot share personal speaker information. 

Can the content be used as legal advice?

No, content viewed on is provided solely for educational purposes and is not to be considered as any form of legal advice.

How do I become a speaker?

See 'Be a Speaker' to learn more. You can also suggest topics that you feel would be of interest to your peers by contacting us.

How accurate is the information contained in the videos?

Information is accurate as of the date the video was posted. makes every effort to ensure that videos are up to date.

Do you sell/share contact information?

No. values your privacy and does not share personal information. View our privacy policy for more details.

I've forgotten my password/username

Please use the "Request new password" form. Enter the email address you used to sign up for and a reset password email will be sent to this email address.

How often does post new videos? strives to provide the broadest range of content to legal professionals and are continually sourcing and posting new content as it becomes available.

Can I contribute my own videos?

Yes you can. Videos have to comply with guidelines for quality and content. Please contact us for more details.

How do I prove that I have viewed a video?

You will receive a “Proof of Attendance” email upon viewing a video. Keep this email confirmation as your proof of attendance in case of audit. also keeps a record of the videos you have viewed on your status page, which can be printed.

I purchased a video and did not receive a Proof of Attendance email?

You must view a video to the end in order to generate the Proof of Attendance email.

Do we share your personal information?

No. Your personal information is not shared.

Does a one hour video equal one credit?


  • 90 minutes = 1.5 Credits
  • 75 minutes = 1.25 Credits
  • One hour = 1 Credit
  • 45 minutes = 0.75 Credit
  • 30 minutes = 0.5 credit

Can I share my account with others?

No. It is necessary for each user to have their own account. This is so each user can record their CPD and so that we can inform the law society should they request it, of who actually gained CPD through If more than one person does use an account, this activity will be in breach of our fair usage policy and will lead to the account being suspended and law society being informed.

Are videos exactly the length as suggested?

No, the length of a video is rounded down to the nearest 5 minute increment, ie. a 48 minute talk is rounded to 45 minutes and 0.75 credit.

When can I expect to see a CCLA event posted? posts CCLA content four weeks after the event.

When can I expect to see a TLA event posted? posts TLA content as soon as possible after the event.

Are supplemental handouts included in the price?

Yes, if the speaker has supplied a handout (paper, powerpoint, etc.) it is included in the price of the video.

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