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Getting Started

Choose the plan that best suits your needs

CPDonline offers two ways to purchase CPD videos - Pay As You Go and Subscriptions. Which one to choose depends entirely on your requirements. Learn more about pricing.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go allows you to purchase videos individually or in bulk. You may choose this option if you only need a smaller number of CPD credits. Don't forget to take advantage of our multi video purchase discount:

Save 30%...3 to 5 videos
Save 40%...6 to 9 videos
Save 50%...10 or more


Subscriptions provide unlimited access to our law and finance CPD libraries with the added benefit of being able to watch CPD videos with a colleague when required. Subscriptions are billed on a calendar year basis, meaning subscriptions expire on December 31st of the year of your subscription.


Have a look through our extensive library of Continuing Professional Development videos for legal and financial professionals. Filter by practice area / category, type, or provider. While browsing our CPD libraries, decide on which payment option works best for you.

If you decide on Pay As You Go, simply click 'Add To Cart' for the video(s) you'd like to purchase. Click on 'Cart' in the top right hand corner of the page once you're ready to check out.

If you'd like to subscribe, visit the Subscribe page.


Whether you decide on Pay as You Go or a Subscription, you’ll need to register as a user. This is a one-time registration – after completion you will never have to fill out this form again. To Pay as You Go, this can be done during the checkout process. For subscriptions, this is completed after clicking 'Subscribe Now' on the Subscribe page.


Verify your order details including your billing information, add a discount code (if applicable), enter your credit card details and you will have instant access to the CPD video(s) you just purchased, or all CPD videos if you purchased a subscription. You'll receive an email confirmation of your order.


Watch now, watch later – watch from your computer, watch on a tablet while lounging on the dock at the cottage. Mobile compatibility and the ability to log on to the site from any device with an Internet connection means that you can take your library of purchased CPD videos virtually anywhere you go. If you would like to watch at a later date, click on ‘Log In’ at the top right of the screen and then click on ‘My Videos’ along the same menu.

Multi-Viewer Feature

If you have a subscription (individual or firm), you can watch videos with colleagues who also have subscriptions. This feature generates Confirmation of Attendance emails for all attendees. Ensure you're logged in, navigate to the video you'd like to watch as a group and enter the email addresses of the colleagues with whom you’d like to watch in the field below the video. Each viewer added, as well as yourself, will receive a confirmation of attendance via email, and the viewing will be listed in each person’s 'History' tab under 'My Account'. Learn more

Jurisdictional Allowances

CPDonline videos are approved for Professionalism credit (ethics, practice mgmt., client communication, etc.) by every law society in Canada. See Jurisdictional Allowances for your society’s video on-demand allowances and multi-viewer requirements.

  • LSUC (above 6 hours video cpd must be watched with a colleague)
  • British Columbia L.S. (all video cpd must be watched with a colleague)

Proof of attendance

Once you have watched the CPD video in its entirety you will be automatically sent your official proof of attendance via email that includes title of video, practice area(s), date completed, credits, video length and agenda (if applicable).

Get started

Features and Benefits

Access previously purchased videos

All of our CPD videos include an abundance of relevant information presented by experienced professionals in their respective fields. While you only receive one proof of attendance per video (unless you purchase again in a following year), it is likely that you will want to re-watch a video you have already received a proof of attendance for. You can easily and conveniently access all of your purchased videos all in one spot by logging into your account.

Access history

All of your order history and credit history can be accessed in your account.

Access private video libraries

If you have been provided with access to a private video library hosted by, you can login with the same account you used to purchase CPD videos.

Handouts included

Handouts are included for free with the purchase of the video. Follow along, take notes, or print them out to read later.

Compatibility on multiple devices

For your convenience, is mobile responsive. This means that you can just as easily watch CPD videos on your phone and tablet as on your desktop or laptop computer. Anywhere you have an Internet connection can be a place to complete your legal and finance Continuing Professional Development.

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