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Individual Subscription

2-year Subscription

$998.00 subscriptions are annual (calendar year) subscriptions. A two-year subscription is active from the date you subscribe to December 31st of the following year. Your subscription will be auto-renewed for the annual subscription on January 1 each year after the 2-year subscription has ended.

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$499.00 subscriptions are calendar year subscriptions. The subscription is from the date of purchase until December 31 of the same year. Your subscription will be auto-renewed on January 1 each year. Should you not wish to renew your subscription, you can cancel any time prior to the renewal date by accessing the  unsubscribe link that will be available in your profile.

Renews January 1st of each year.

Why do we follow a calendar year? Your subscription will allow you to fulfill your annual CPD requirements. Hence, your subscription will renew each year on January 1st, as this marks the start of your CPD year.

One low price: Unlimited CPD subscribers enjoy

  • Unlimited access to all law and finance videos for a calendar year
  • Easy access to videos: login, choose your video and click play - no access code required
  • Proof of Attendance certificates automatically emailed to you upon video completion
  • Access history of videos watched
  • Download speaker handouts and Power Point presentations (if made available)
  • Multi-viewer feature: As a subscriber you can watch videos with colleague(s) (as required by law societies). Generates and emails Proof of Attendance certificates to everyone. See Jurisdictional Allowances
  • Remote viewing: Watch together from home*

*Using Zoom, or Skype, you watch CPDonline videos together when at home. The Multi-Viewer feature allows everyone to earn CPD credits while doing it. Remote viewing with colleagues

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