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Have “admin” access? Admin access allows a librarian to choose and play any, and all, videos on the site for free. If you need “admin” access, email This is a free librarian only feature.

Two options to show videos to groups in your library:

  1. Subscribers (most popular)
  2. Pay as you go

1. Subscribers

When members are CPDonline subscribers ($499.00 for an unlimited access subscription), it’s very easy to show videos. All that’s required of you is to

  1. Login and choose the video by clicking on it
  2. Enter the email addresses of each viewer in the box below the video
  3. Click play

You’re done!

  • Proof of Attendance emails are automatically sent to each viewer.
  • Handouts and speaker papers are automatically made available in the viewer’s CPDonline account

Learn more about showing videos to subscribers here:

2. Pay as you go: Overview

  1. Choose and show video(s) to group. If you need the video file because of a slow internet connection, please request the video file.
  2. Distribute "Confirmation of Attendance” to each attendee
  3. Report the viewing - include the video title and list of attendee names (email addresses if they so choose).
  4. We’ll send you an invoice.

Price List

Group Video Viewing

Video LengthPrice $
1 hour or longer:25.00 per attendee
45 minutes:20.00 per attendee
30 minutes:15.00 per attendee

Handouts (if available) are included in the price.

Note: The price is per video per attendee per session. Video Access Instructions

Sign Up (create an account), or Login if you already have an account.

To Choose/Preview Videos

  1. Click on “CPD Law Videos” from home page.
  2. Search videos in tab view or list view.
  3. Search by any combination of Length, Price, Substantive/Professionalism, Practice Area, Association/Provider.
  4. Click on a video to preview.
  5. Click the Start arrow to play.

To Show a Video to a Group

  1. Login using your email and password.
  2. Choose a video from the "CPD Law Videos" page.
  3. Click on the video thumbnail to open.
  4. Click the Start arrow to play.

To Distribute “Confirmation of Attendance” certificates

  1. Open the CPD Confirmation of Attendance Certificate. [PDF]
  2. Fill in PDF form: title, practice area(s), length, substantive and/or professionalism, etc.
  3. Print, copy and distribute to each attendee.

Attendee Emails

 Please ask attending lawyers if they would provide us their email address so we can:

  • Create an account for them and post the video(s) to their account
  • Allow them to receive content and discount notifications via email

Send along email addresses when you send your list of attendees.

To Pay for Group Viewing


  • List of attendee names and email addresses.
  • Video title(s) viewed.

Email to:

We’ll invoice you based on video viewed and number of attendees.

Videos with Handouts

Handouts are included in the cost.

Option A: Librarian prints and copies the handout for attendees from the video page.

Option B*:  Lawyers can print handout themselves when video is made available to them after the group viewing.

*When we receive the lawyer’s email address we’ll create an account for him/her on the site. Each lawyer will be emailed instructions and a temporary password to access the video they’ve viewed at your library. The lawyers can re-watch the video and print available handouts.

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