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Video Questions

How does know I’ve watched a video?

Your Credit history is our proof of your viewing a video. We keep a record of what you’ve viewed and provide you this information in your “My Account” page.

I’m not receiving my Confirmation of Attendance emails. What can I do?

There seem to be four possibilities:

  1. Caught by your spam filter – if you find it in your spam folder, you can mark it as not spam and hopefully it isn’t caught thereafter.
  2. Caught by firm-wide spam filter – you can contact your IT administrator and request letting emails through.
  3. Using old software – if you are using an outdated operating system or browser, it can cause issues with our ability to see when you play, pause, or finish the video. You can try using another up-to-date computer, if possible.
  4. Didn’t finish the video – not as likely since it is sent after 90% of the video is watched.

Once I’ve paid how long do I have to view the video?

You can view it anytime after you’ve paid. You can also re-view it anytime.

Does keep a record of videos I’ve viewed?

Yes. keeps an ongoing record of videos you have viewed. You have access under the “My Account” a list of videos viewed, credit values, and purchase dates.

If more than one person is watching a video do each need to pay?

Yes, if those viewing are claiming credit for viewing they each need to pay. Payment and viewing generates the “Proof of Attendance” confirmation email.

If you have a subscription (individual or firm), you can use the multi-viewer feature with anyone who also has a subscription at no additional cost.

Can I pay for another?

No, at present the site is not set-up for single payments for multiple viewers. Our plan is to implement this feature in the future.

Can I pay for multiple videos at once?

Yes, simply add multiple videos to your cart and enjoy the benefits of our bulk discounts when you check out. Learn more about how it works.

I can’t find a video that I paid for?

Videos, once paid for, can be viewed for as long as they are resident on's website. Purchased videos are found under the 'My Videos' link in the upper right corner of the screen when logged in. reviews content on a periodic basis and reserves the right to remove videos if deemed dated.

Do I have to watch the video in a single sitting?

No, you can pause it, and return to viewing a video when time permits.

I paid for a video and did not finish watching it, but can't remember the video.  How do I find it?

In your “My Videos” page there is a listing of all of the videos you have purchased.

Are there any printed or supplementary materials available for videos that I purchase?

For some videos, supplementary materials or presentations will be available from the video page.

Can I view a video more than once?

Yes, once a video is paid for you can view it as many times as you like without further charge. Note, to gain Credit by viewing a previously viewed video in the following year you must pay again. Paying again will generate the email confirmation “Proof of Attendance” for the correct year.

I can’t find videos in my practice area. What should I do? launched September 1, 2012. Because this is a new service we may not have been able to sufficiently populate your practice area. We are adding videos and hope to have all practice areas well populated in the coming months.

Also, it’s important to note you can still view any of the substantive content available you personally deem of value even if it is not within your particular practice area. You can view any of the Professionalism content and any of the content found in the category “General Practice” towards your Substantive hours.

Can I watch a video on a mobile device?


What are my technical requirements to order to view a video?

Your computer / tablet / mobile device will need:

  • the most up-to-date version of any of the following web browsers - Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer
  • an internet connection

I cannot access a video I’ve paid for?

Please email our technical support and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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