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For Lawyers, Paralegals and Finance Professionals


Features & Benefits

  • Access previously purchased videos

    You can easily and conveniently access all of your purchased videos all in one spot by logging into your CPDonline.ca account.

  • Proof of Attendance

    Once you have watched the CPD video in its entirety you will be automatically sent your official proof of attendance via email.

  • Multi-viewer videos

    If you have a subscription (individual or firm), you can watch videos with colleagues who also have subscriptions. Generates and emails Proof of Attendance certificates to everyone.

  • Access history

    All of your order history and credit history can be accessed in your CPDonline.ca account.

  • Handouts included

    Handouts are included for free with the purchase of the video. Follow along, take notes, or print them out to read later.

  • Accredited

    CPDonline videos are approved for Professionalism credit (ethics, practice mgmt., client communication, etc.) by every law society in Canada.

  • Remote viewing with colleagues

    Using Zoom or Skype, you watch CPDonline videos together when at home. The Multi-Viewer feature allows everyone to earn CPD credits while doing it. Learn more

Getting Started

  • Browse

    Have a look through our extensive library of Continuing Professional Development videos for legal and financial professionals. Filter by practice area / category, type, or provider.
  • Register / Purchase

    Whether you decide on Pay as You Go or a Subscription, you’ll need to register as a user. This is a one-time registration – after completion you will never have to fill out this form again.
  • Watch / Attendance

    Watch now, watch later – watch from your computer, watch on a tablet while lounging on the dock at the cottage. You will be automatically sent your official proof of attendance via email after watching the video.

Purchase Options

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I’m looking at your website right now and the title is clear and bold, practice area is right there, the price, and the cpd minutes are right there…this is the main thing people are looking for. It’s a pretty simple system to me and that’s what I like. Accessing the speaker handouts was really easy. Price?: I think is great.  From my perspective the bang for buck is solid.

Adam Freud

Business, Real Estate, Litigation, Wills Estates
Individual Subscriber