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Multi-Viewer & Remote Viewing

Remote viewing with colleagues

Watch with colleagues... from home.
Earn CPD credits.

Remote Viewing, using Zoom or Skype, is the perfect way for lawyers to watch CPDonline videos together when at home. The Multi-Viewer feature allows everyone to earn CPD credits while doing it.

During Covid 19 isolation:

  • Live, in person, CPD events are cancelled
  • Some Law Societies still require lawyers to watch some, or all, CPD videos in the presence of a colleague. See Jurisdictional Allowances
  • Viewing, and chatting, remotely counts as, ‘in the presence of a colleague’.
  • All CPDonline video content is eligible towards your required 2021 CPD hours
  • This service is for CPDonline subscribers only:

Remote Viewing

We recommend using either Zoom or Skype. Instructions for both are below.



  • Good sound and video quality
  • Free and easy to use
  • No timeout with Pro licence


  • 40 minute timeout (Free version, with 3 or more on call)



  • Free
  • No timeout limit


  • Video sound when screen sharing needs adjusting
  • Audio, video not as good as Zoom


This feature generates Confirmation of Attendance emails for all viewers. You can watch videos with colleagues who also have subscriptions. Enter the email addresses of the colleagues with whom you’d like to watch in the field below the video.

Multi-Viewer Feature


Watch videos with colleagues when at home (Remote Viewing) and earn CPD credits (Multi-Viewer).

Zoom (recommended)


Skype (instructions coming soon)

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