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I’m going to tell you what are the advantages of being involved with CPDonline. I’m going to kick that off now. I get to choose what I want to see and create my own cpd; I get to see what other lawyers are doing in other regions of Ontario and I love that. I really really appreciate that; I get to see what’s going on in London, Toronto, etc. You get to see experts that you don’t normally see. As to timing…I can be in the last week prior to the due date of Dec 31 in any given year and there’s no need for me to travel or be away from my family, and I’m extremely busy that time of year and I only have a little bit of time to complete that (12 hours). It’s quite a stress to know you have to do this cpd and there’s nothing left to attend. Once I had to drive to Pembroke to do a two hour session, two hour drive, there and back, and it was a snowstorm. That one cpd cost me close to 400.00…for just that one! So if I can get everything in the comfort of my living room on my laptop, it’s perfect. Even my kids can watch bits of this so they can learn a little about what I do. They can see if they would be interested in this for themselves down the road. At least they see what I’m involved with on a daily basis. Sometimes when I’ve attended a conference sometimes the speaker is putting me asleep, but I can’t just leave. I know when watching a speaker on cpdonline that in the first two minutes this speaker is not going to cut it for me; I can just stop the video and try another. It’s like changing the channel on TV.  There are many, many advantages of CPDonline.

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