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I wanted to get up to speed on Teranet. I’m looking forward to watching this. I’ll organize watching videos with other lawyers in the building. I can just set up laptop and connect to the TV in the boardroom. In our firm all seven partners are subscribers so it’s going to be easy to just grab one of them to watch videos together. I have to tell you...I did find the site easy to access and easy to use. I had no issues at all. Can you recall what you, and your lawyers had been spending on your CPD in years past? A lot! I’m just finding this whole idea of CPDonline much more economical than doing these seminars piece meal at the law society. Definitely, a good selling feature was the pricing. We have another firm in the building, and I spoke to one of the other partners and he just didn’t get the idea of CPDonline. I actually had to sit down with him, it didn’t take me very long, to show him the value of this. Maybe the reason lawyers don’t come on-board is that we’re all just so very busy and it’s hard to change. I’m not sure how you get that message across...maybe testimonials from people like me who are now among the I just find this very easy that I can, over my lunch break, at my desk, watch a 30 or 45 minute presentation on something of interest to me, and all for this one flat fee for your’s great! I say this have this available to me, at my fingertips, is really terrific.

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