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Blog Archive: 2018

Concussion Awareness

I am a personal injury lawyer. For over twenty years, I have helped people with serious injuries navigate insurance, treatment and the legal system as they recover and adapt to changed circumstances. For many years I have also been a minor hockey trainer.

Federal Court Clarifies its Position on Protective Orders

The motion was brought within an action for patent infringement. Seedlings Life Science Ventures, LLC (“Seedlings”) alleges that Pfizer infringed it Canadian Patent No. 2,486,935. [1] The parties are about to start the discovery process and have negotiated a protective order (“Draft Protective Order”) to determine the way in which the information will be exchanged. Pfizer filed a motion (unopposed by Seedlings) to have the Draft Protective Order issued.

Can we sue the Toronto Maple Leafs for Mental Anguish?

Author: Christopher Dawson, Lerners LLP

They say there are two certainties in life: Death and taxes. But there might be one other that I think we can safely add to the list: The Toronto Maple Leafs not winning the Stanley Cup.

The Bitcoin Basics all Articles and YouTube Videos Cover

There are many articles and "explainer" videos out there that give an introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. If you are like I was, after reading or watching, you are left with the feeling: "I still don't get it". Most of these pieces do, however, provide at least a starting point to understanding the key concepts

Partnering with your Assistant

Getting in the habit of planning ahead was valuable. Having someone acting as my co-pilot, pushing me to plan ahead … priceless.

Want to be a Rainmaker?

Are you a rainmaker? Are there any rainmakers at your firm? What is so special about rainmakers? Very few lawyers are or ever will be true rainmakers. Rainmaking itself is a full-time occupation and, typically, it defaults to one or two lawyers in the firm.

Court Finds Probationary Employee is Entitled to Reasonable Notice of Termination

Probationary periods can limit an employer’s obligations and exposure to risk during the initial months of employment. However, probationary periods do not provide an employer with carte blanche.

When Are You Permitted to Reproduce an Existing Work of Art

Author: Pooja Sihra
Editor: Sahil Kanaya

Saving Taxes on Canadian Legal Services as a Non-Resident

Written by: Thomas Southmayd

In Ontario, charging HST for consulting services is an immediate, required practice. The rest of Canada also shares this practice but conforms with respective provincial regulation. However, regardless of provincial regulation, consulting fees in Canada, such as those you might incur by consulting a lawyer or other such professional, are always taxed.

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