Does Being a Lawyer Take a Mental Toll on You? |

Does Being a Lawyer Take a Mental Toll on You?

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

Do you feel that being a lawyer comes with an unwritten rule that you have to always be strong? That you need to be perfect? That you always have to keep it together?

A lot of lawyers feel that way, but it can lead us down some dark roads if we let it go unchecked.

In a talk to the CLLA, Doron Gold debunks these fallacies and outlines "how to be a lawyer and a human being too" while sharing his own personal journey in and out of law. He also introduces the Member's Assistance Program for lawyers, which is there to support and help us when we need it.

Please note that there are resources across the country to help you if you are struggling. Here are some of those resources:

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What is your take?

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