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What does privacy mean in the age of technology?

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

In this second installment from the 2019 CCLA Civil Litigation Conference in November, I bring you a fresh batch of CPD content for Employment Lawyers.

Siobhan O'Brien, Katherine Cotton, Rob Monti, Kecia Podetz, and James Prowse participated in the Employment Law Panel, in which they covered a broad range of interesting topics:

  • Reasonable expectation of privacy in the age of emerging technologies
  • Broad release not enough to release LTD claim
  • Get Carter... a Job (giving preference to employees with active WSIB claims over non-work related injured employees)
  • York University v. Markicevic

We've added the entire panel discussion, along with handouts, to our Law CPD collection and it's now readily available to CPD Online Subscribers.

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