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Excelling at Mediation Advocacy

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

Mitchell Rose, an experienced mediator, shares 40 tips to excel at "mediation advocacy".

During his presentation, he shares some important legal principles with respect to mediation such as:

  • Refusing to mediate can lead to potential adverse costs consequences after trial
  • Limitation periods may be temporarily suspended due to an agreement to mediate
  • The ADR clause may not be enforceable

Mitchell provides tips on the entire process including:

  • When not to mediate
  • Preparing for mediation
  • At the mediation (the beginning, the middle and the end)

This video provides a detailed review of the entire mediation process with practical and implementable tips and strategies. It is clear that mediation advocacy, and the skills you need to mediate, are quite different than your everyday advocacy skills.

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