Family Law: LGBTQ Issues & Family Law |

Family Law: LGBTQ Issues and Family Law

Family Law: LGBTQ Issues and Family Law

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45 minutes
Lesley Kendall
Erin LeBlanc
Tina Tom
Frontenac Law Association (FLA)
45 minutes
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Lesley Kendall, Erin LeBlanc, and Tina Tom present LGBTQ Issues and Family Law.


Lesley Kendall

Lesley Kendall is a Partner with the firm Cunningham, Swan LLP.  Lesley practices in the areas of Family Law and Fertility Law, including providing a full range of Family Law services, including offering legal services to people who wish to start or grow their family through Assisted Reproductive Technologies or third party reproduction. Lesley is also an Arbitrator and a Panel Lawyer with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.  Lesley’s work in the Fertility Law field includes negotiating and drafting sperm, egg and embryo donor agreements and surrogacy agreements, as well as consulting with medical professionals in the field and providing legal representation in fertility law disputes or Court applications.

Erin LeBlanc

As an advocate for the LGBT community focusing on assisting transgender people, Ms. LeBlanc has been a guest speaker at schools, companies and organizations, a presenter at the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a member of Trans Family Kingston (a support group for transgender people and their families), and quoted in print and online media. She is a co-host of a weekly radio show “Gender Talk” and past member of the board of Kingston Pride. In 2017, she was the recipient of the “Tri-Award (accessibility, equity, & human rights)” from Queen’s University for her work in establishing transgender transitioning guidelines, and identifying and removing barriers for individuals transitioning in the workplace. A graduate of Queen’s Law School, she teaches international trade law in Graduate programs in the Smith School of Business.

Tina Tom Director of Legal Services

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