New & Noteworthy/Employment Law Roundup (Can we talk about something else besides COVID?) |

New & Noteworthy/Employment Law Roundup (Can we talk about something else besides COVID?)

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

Are you experiencing pandemic fatigue? In this informative seminar from the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA), the presenters, Marie-France Dupuis, and Luke Prior, analyze new and noteworthy cases pertaining to employment law that are unrelated to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Marie-France Dupuis provides information on incentive compensation within the context of important decisions. She then provides a brief refresher on the Waksdale case, a decision that made changes to the enforceability of termination clauses. Further, Marie-France Dupuis explains how Waksdale is a precursor to understanding the case Rahman v. Cannon Design Architecture, and how the Employment Standards Act (ESA) functions when a plaintiff signs a termination clause and is considered a “sophisticated party”. 

Next, watch as Luke Prior examines the trial decision on Ojanen v Acumen Law Corporation, a case that has received a lot of attention in the legal community. He explores the issues present on appeal, the increases to damages for the loss of opportunity, and punitive damages associated with Ms. Ojanen’s psychological trauma. Luke Prior ends by highlighting Bill 27’s recent amendments to the ESA, including the right to disconnect, and a ban on employers entering into an employment contract with an employee that includes a non-compete agreement.

New and Noteworthy/Employment Law Roundup

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