Covid-19 & the Charter |

Covid-19 & the Charter

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

The Toronto Lawyers Association brings you this webinar on the Covid-19 pandemic and the Charter, and the resulting measures and restrictions to protect the health of Canadians by both federal and provincial governments. While many of these measures have been implemented with the good intention of protecting the health of Canadians and reducing the stress on hospitals, the measures have also engaged the Charter in multiple ways.

This timely program, presented by Sayeh Hassan, Jonathan Roth, the Honourable Justice Rebecca Rutherford, and Janani Shanmuganathan examines the ways in which various government measures and restrictions have engaged and impacted civil liberties, criminal law, and access to justice. This includes the Courts’ approach to Covid-19 related Charter challenges, the level of deference to legislatures, and the way the Courts have afforded that deference. Our experienced panel will highlight some of the ways Courts have departed from the usual principles of constitutional interpretation, with regards to Covid-19.

COVID 19 and the Charter

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