Construction Liens, Mareva Injunctions, Updates on Receivership |

Construction Liens, Mareva Injunctions, Updates on Receivership

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

The County of Carleton Law Association brings you this two part program from the CCLA Civil Litigation Conference. The webinar begins with Associate Justice Alexandre Kaufman, featuring best practices in construction liens and bankruptcy discharge applications. After which Allison Russell gives a road map for understanding freezing orders, also known as Mareva injunctions. Finally, André Ducasse provides a refresher on receivership proceedings.

Associate Justice Alexandre Kaufman discusses the common motions in construction liens, and recommends a number of tips, including: knowing your transition provisions, knowing the law of repudiation, and making sure you are using the correct bond form when lien bonds are used as security to vacate a lien. In terms of bankruptcy discharge applications, Associate Justice Kaufman highlights current resources that outline the process for commencing all types of bankruptcy proceedings, and reminds us that bankruptcy discharge applications are meant to be heard quickly.

Allison Russell educates us on Mareva injunctions, and all the aspects that lawyers must think about when using or handling this extraordinary pre-trial remedy. Allison Russell explains what a Mareva injunction is, the test for injunctions, the cost considerations for injunctions, recent decisions that contemplate the threshold, and so much more.

André Ducasse, presents a refresher on receivership proceedings. Throughout André Ducasse’s presentation, he shares foundational knowledge about the purpose of receiverships, who can be a receiver, descriptions of the types of receivers (private, court-appointed, and equitable) including the pros and cons.

Construction Liens

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