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A Criminal Law Commentary; Capacity & Litigation Guardians; Recent Developments in Medical Malpractice

Paula Puddy, HBA LLB MBA

The Middlesex Law Association (MLA) hosts this three-part program featuring Cassandra DeMelo, Gemma Charleton, and Kimberley Knight. Cassandra DeMelo’s presentation covers bail and initial steps in criminal cases, Gemma Charleton focuses on capacity and litigation guardians, and Kimberley Knight shares recent developments in medical malpractice.

Cassandra DeMelo discusses helping clients secure bail and understanding the bail hearing process. She explains the significance of R v Zora in relation to the right to reasonable bail, highlighting the connection between bail and the accused person's risk.

Gemma Charleton discusses considerations for cases involving capacity issues. She explains capacity to instruct counsel, signs of incapacity, necessary content in a disability assessment report, evidence requirements for litigation guardianship actions, and relevant considerations in appointing a litigation guardian.

Kimberley Knight offers insights into medical malpractice considerations. She comments on cases, traumatic brain injuries, informed consent, and the standard of disclosure in elective procedures. Kimberley Knight also advises on retaining experts, understanding expert testimonies, physician liability, breach of standard of care, and much more.

A Criminal Law Commentary; Capacity and Litigation Guardians; Recent Developments in Medical Malpractice

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