True or False: Corporate Lawyers need to be Securities Lawyers? Part 1

True or False: Corporate Lawyers need to be Securities Lawyers? Part 1

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Barbara Hendrickson
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
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Many lawyers representing private companies in corporate transactions mistakenly assume that securities law does not apply to their practice.  This is a friendly reminder that it does apply to all business transactions including:

  • The issuance of shares from treasury, the transfer of shares
  • The acquisition of shares, acquisition of control of private companies,
  • Statutory procedures such as amalgamations, share buy backs, and any capital raising activities of private companies. 

This is true regardless of whether the entity is a corporation, a limited partnership, a trust or a  joint venture arrangement. Any structure where a securities regulatory authority determines that a “security” is involved in the transaction means that you must be aware of its impact.

Barbara Hendrickson will provide a road map to identifying securities law issues in your practice and ensuring that you provide your clients with the advice that they need to comply with Canadian securities laws.


Barbara Hendrickson

Barbara HendricksonBarbara Hendrickson, based in Toronto, Ontario, is the CEO and Founder of BAX Securities Law, a law firm that specializes in securities law. She has practiced in the securities and corporate areas for over 20 years, including with two leading law firms and as senior legal counsel with the Ontario Securities Commission. She is the founder of the Toronto Business Lawyers Association, a group of business lawyers in the greater Toronto Area that get together monthly for business development / referral purpose.

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