The MLA's Women's Networking Event |

The MLA's Women's Networking Event

The MLA's Women's Networking Event

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Substantive: 0.0
5 minutes
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: 0.75
45 minutes
Nusaiba Al-Azem
Alexa Duggan
Victoria Yang
Middlesex Law Association
50 minutes
$89.00 plus tax

Nusaiba Al-Azem will cover the topic of Recruitment & Reinforcement.  Specifically, she will provide concrete tips and tricks to make your workplace be more accessible and inclusive.  For example, firm events should cater to halal/vegan/kosher/GF needs, and firm members should know what those diets entail.

Alexa Duggan will gear her remarks towards Retention & Resentment. Specifically, she will address firm fit”, mentorship and creating a culture of diversity.  She intends to discuss the “affirmative action” myth and other stereotypes or issues holding back minorities.

Victoria Yang will address Responsibility which includes harassment policies and conflict resolution methods (holding the firm accountable) for better equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Nusaiba Al-Azem

Nusaiba Al-Azem is a native Londoner with a background in social work. She practices in corporate commercial and real estate law as a solicitor at McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP, and sits on the board of directors for Museum London. In her spare time, Nusaiba likes to write, bake, and eat good food in good company.

Alexa Duggan

Alexa Duggan attended Osgoode Hall Law School as a mature student, and now practices plaintiff personal injury law at McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP. She is a passionate animal advocate, loves nature, and in her spare time she likes to reconnect with the natural world through hiking, biking, remote camping, or spending time at the lake.

Victoria Yang

Victoria Yang is in the commercial litigation and employment group at McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP, where she was hired on after completing her articles. She has a niche and growing practice in the area of workplace investigations, which requires analysis of the context and subjective elements of workplace interactions. On a personal note, Victoria is working hard at accepting and reconciling what she viewed for most of her life as two parts of herself: the “Canadian part” and the “Chinese part”. She recently recorded an interview with CBC Radio on this topic, which will air in February 2020.

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