The Intersection of Racism Disability Sexual Orientation & Gender |

The Intersection of Racism Disability Sexual Orientation and Gender

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20 minutes
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: 2.0
2 hours
Chantelle Campbell
Joanne Prince
Paul Scotland
Ontario Association of Black Paralegals
140 minutes
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Joanne Prince, Paul Scotland, and Chantelle Campbell explore how racism, disability and sexual orientation can impact a licensee's ability to provide competent legal services and how these licensees can navigate their careers and thrive in the face of systemic discriminatory practices. The speakers discuss their experiences in and out of the courtroom as it relates to discrimination with respect to race, disability, gender and sexual orientation. They also provide valuable feedback to attendees about what they can do to bring awareness to discrimination in these circumstances and what remedies are available should they experience the same issues. The speakers explain how racism and discrimination makes it difficult for licensees to provide services to their clients due to unfair treatment that is outside of their control and impacts the mental health and wellbeing of licensees. All licensees should be expected to act with civility when dealing with other licensees despite their race, gender, sexual orientation or ability.


Chantelle Campbell

Joanne Prince

Paul Scotland

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