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Indigenous Peoples Court (IPC) Panel

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: 0.5
30 minutes
Biagio Del Greco
Célynne Dorval
Greg Meekis
Cedric Nahum
Jennifer Valiquette
County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)
30 minutes
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CCLA 30th Annual Criminal Law Conference 2018

This panel will provide an update on the Indigenous Peoples’ Court that sits in Ottawa. The panel includes the founding Justice of this court, a defence lawyer who regularly appears in this court and has been identified for his outstanding representation of clients in that court, and two court workers who appear in IPC weekly and work with our clients daily. Panelists will also cover what is and is not working well in IPC, best practices, and lessons learned so far. EDI Professionalism content includes:

  • 2.1 Making legal services available to the pubic and related access to justice principles, specifically for Indigenous clients
  • 2.4 Recognizing and being sensitive to clients’ circumstances, special needs and intellectual capacity
  • 6.1 Value of diversity and inclusion
  • 6.2 Understanding power and privilege and unconscious bias, particularly in the courtroom and during interactions with clients
  • 6.5 Special responsibilities of lawyers to respect human rights laws in force in Ontario
  • 6.6 How to prevent and address discrimination in the criminal justice system


Biagio Del Greco

Biagio Del Greco graduated law school from the University of Ottawa, and was called to the Bar in 2009. He is a partner at Lyttle, McGarry, Del Greco.

Justice Célynne Dorval

Justice Célynne Dorval served as a Crown attorney before she was appointed as a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice in 1999. Justice Dorval is a leading supporter of Ottawa first Indigenous Peoples Court.

Greg Meekis

Mr. Meekis is the coordinator of the OACJP. It is an Aboriginal culture-based Community Justice Programme that was developed based on traditional Aboriginal concepts of justice. The programme seeks to provide meaningful alternatives to the mainstream Criminal Justice system for both youth and adult Aboriginal offenders and will address the needs of victims (where applicable). The OACJP serves Aboriginal people in the greater Ottawa area charged with criminal offences regardless of previous involvement in the Criminal Justice system.

Cedric Nahum

Cedric is a trial lawyer who was called to the bar in 2005. Before opening his own firm, Cedric was an associate with Kimberley A. Pegg, Barristers Professional Corporation from 2007 to 2016. Cedric has had experience in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and the Divisional Court in criminal defence and representing parents against the Children’s Aid Society. He deals with many matters in the Mental Health Court and Youth Court.

Jennifer Valiquette

Jennifer works as a courtworker with the Criminal Court Worker Programme. She assists Aboriginal accused to better understand their rights, options and responsibilities when appearing before the criminal courts.

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