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Avoiding Common Human Rights Pitfalls in Organizations and Businesses

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Mihad Fahmy
Susan Toth
Middlesex Law Association
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We will be covering three common human right pitfalls many organizations and workplaces experience. First, not knowing what discrimination is, looks like, or presents as. Second, not being proactive or prepared to tackle human rights issues, such as having adequate training and policies. And finally, reacting too little, too late, poorly or not at all to human rights issues. This may include failing to properly investigate, turning a blind eye unless there is a written complaint, or not properly supporting a complainant or witness.


Mihad Fahmy

Mihad Fahmy is a human rights lawyer and workplace investigator. Prior to launching her investigations practice, Mihad served as union counsel and appeared before arbitration boards in various sectors including health care, colleges and the public service. Mihad also teaches on the intersection of religion and the law at Huron University College at Western.

Susan Toth

Susan Toth is a partner at Polishuk, Camman and Steele. Her practice focuses mainly on employment, human rights and defamation law. She is a 1st generation Canadian, who grew up overseas. Susan is also a law geek who can’t wait to get COVID-19 vaccinated and aspires to understand Tik Tok.

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