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2SLGBTQ+ Creating Positive Space

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: 1.5
90 minutes
Deirdre Pike
Middlesex Law Association
90 minutes
$119.00 plus tax
Includes Handouts
Deirdre’s presentation focused on creating a positive, and inclusive space, at the firm, in the courtroom, and beyond for the queer community. She shared her knowledge, stories, and explained many terms to improve the audience’s understanding of the challenges faced by this community and how we become an ally or friend. After watching this program, participants will have an increased awareness of both subtle and overt forms of heterosexism, homophobia, cissexism and transphobia, while exploring what it means to live from an anti-oppression framework.


Deirdre Pike

Deirdre Pike wears many hats in the community but under each one of them is an out and proud lesbian and queer woman, challenging systems and calling for change in a sometimes disruptive, but always respectful, kind of way.

Deirdre uses she/her/they/them, but mostly gets misgendered as male. She has been proactively or officially working on 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion since she first joined the City of Hamilton’s Advisory Committee in 2003. Deirdre has been Pride Citizen of the Year a couple of times and wrote this school board’s handbook on how to have student-led Queer and Trans Positive Space Groups. 

Deirdre regularly delivers 2SLGBTQ+ Positive Space Training in the education, health, justice, social and business sectors.  She also delivered Positive Space Training sessions at Hamilton Police Services’ Block Training from 2011 – 2013 and raised the Pride flag outside Central Station when it first went up four years ago. 

Often identified as a voice for the 2SLGBTQ+ community, Deirdre explains that she is not a representative for the community as a whole, but rather one voice for this distinct community of communities.

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