COVID-19 Update |

COVID-19 Update

We hope everyone is safe, healthy and doing their best in these trying times.

  • As of today, Law Societies are maintaining the 2020 requirement for practicing lawyers to attain their CPD hours.
  • CPDonline's content providers have either postponed full conferences until the fall, or will be offering shorter cpd sessions via virtual presentations. 
  • CPDonline will post up-to-date CPD throughout 2020 as it is made available. 
  • Our extensive content from past years is accredited and eligible for the 2020 cpd requirement.

Purchasing a subscription, Individual or firm wide, is the most convenient and cost effective approach to attaining your 2020 CPD hours.

We're all adapting to a new way of working with our clients this month. Learn the 4 critical steps to optimizing the quality of your virtual meetings in this 4 minute long free video presentation.


Learn more about how Covid 19 is affecting the practice of law. Please visit our partner, Federation of Law Associations, FOLA's Covid 19 updates page.

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