Trending Issues for Personal Injury and Insurance Defence Lawyers - Part 2

Trending Issues for Personal Injury and Insurance Defence Lawyers - Part 2

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Carlie Flynn
Ian Hu
Renee Vinett
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
35 minutes
$79.00 plus tax
TLA Personal Injury Conference

Improve your chances of success. Don’t miss out on delving deeper into current issues critical in the personal injury field, including:

  • The new Rule 48.14 and how to use the Rule 48 Transition Toolkit to avoid an administrative dismissal
  • Selecting the right expert for your case

Join our noted speakers for an evening of open discussion aimed to assist you in developing best practices.

Ian Hu:

  • The new Rule 48 changes how and when files are dismissed administratively (duty to report lawyer or paralegal misconduct to the Law Society; obligation to notify the client or insurer of errors or omissions.
  • This presentation will inform you about the most important dates and deadlines, and give you concrete tips to manage your files (maintaining reminder or tickler systems.
  • Can you randomly pick a file and figure out in 5 minutes what it is about, what has been done, and what needs to be done? (risk management best practices.
  • Learn about a file progress plan that can help you do this. Are you finding the occasional file may run away from you? Use the Rule 48 Toolkit to avoid administrative dismissals and keep your files moving along! (legal project management.
  • Is adverse cost insurance helpful for the plaintiff? What's the standard of care?
  • How do you reduce your risks? Learn about what questions you should ask and what issues you need to consider for your clients and opposing counsel (risk management).

Renée Vinett :

  • Expert Witnesses – the who, what, when and how of retaining experts and making them effective for you
  • Expert witnesses can make or break your case. That is why selecting the right expert is fundamental to effective representation. Renee will explore the intricacies of expert selection; the pit falls of expert reports and how to avoid them; how to effectively prepare an expert for trial; and how to frame the evidence.


Carlie Flynn

Ian Hu

As the face of Claims Prevention and practicePRO at LAWPRO Ian speaks, writes and blogs about practice management, claims prevention and lawyering issues. His mandate is to help you succeed in the practice of law and avoid malpractice claims. Having had 7 years of private practice under his belt with various sizes of firms, Ian has experienced and seen the trials and tribulations lawyers all go through. As a former Vice President of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers he has mentored young lawyers and advocated for hundreds of lawyers and students as a group. Ian also has an interest in promoting diversity in the profession and has sat on various advocacy committees.

Renee Vinett

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