The RSJ’s Update; A Graceful Exit: Ending the Lawyer-Client Relationship; Get on Board the Motions Express |

The RSJ’s Update; A Graceful Exit: Ending the Lawyer-Client Relationship; Get on Board the Motions Express

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Alexandre Kaufman
Calum MacLeod
Susanne Sviergula
County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)
45 minutes
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Civil Litigation Updated Conference

Justice Calum MacLeod, Susanne Sviergula, and Associate Justice Alexandre Kaufman present The RSJ’s Update; A Graceful Exit: Ending the Lawyer-Client Relationship; Get on Board the Motions Express


Master Alexandre Kaufman

Master Alexandre Kaufman was appointed as Case Management Master in Ottawa in December 2018. Prior to his appointment he was a senior litigator with the federal Department of Justice. His practice, prior to his appointment, focused on administrative law and commercial disputes although he had a broad litigation practice that included procurement and trade remedies, contract and tort claims, and criminal law. He is the co-author of the Annotated Arbitration Act, 1991 and Annotated Ontario Arbitration Legislation. He also served as a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa’s faculty of law. Master Kaufman is a 2002 graduate of the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University.

Master Calum MacLeod

A frequent speaker at the civil litigation conference, Mr. Justice Calum MacLeod has been a judge of the Superior Court of Justice since June of 2016 and had been a master in that court since November of 2008. He is a graduate of Queen’s University (B.A., 1977 and LL.B., 1980) and was called to the bar in 1983. Prior to his appointment as a master, he practiced civil litigation and dispute resolution and had extensive experience as a neutral. He had been a mediator, arbitrator, fact finder and deputy judge. Over the course of his career as a judicial officer, Justice MacLeod authored many decisions concerning discovery, production and civil procedure and has heard scores of summary judgment motions. He case manages complex commercial cases and class actions. Justice MacLeod has a keen interest in court reform and legal education and has served on many committees and working groups including Sedona Canada and the civil rules committee. He is frequently called upon to speak to lawyers and judges in Ontario and in other jurisdictions.

Susanne Sviergula

Susanne Sviergula is a partner at Cavanagh LLP whose practice is focused on professional liability, insurance defence and employment law, acting for both institutional and individual clients. A graduate of both the University of Ottawa and the University of Windsor, she was called to the bar in 2001. Susanne has been an active member of the County of Carleton Law Association, the Advocates’ Society and the Ontario Bar Association throughout her career. She is also a regular volunteer at Law Help Ontario. One of her proudest accomplishments however is having run both the 2016 and 2017 Boston Marathon (with a not so secret desire of making it a hat trick in the future).

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