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Overcoming Post-Judgment Enforcement Issues

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1 hour
Jurriaan Braat
Kim Ferreira
Naomi Loewith
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
1 hour
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Getting a judgment is only one step towards winning your case. After the celebrations comes the reality. So, you have a judgment, now what? Watch this webinar to learn the key strategies to ensure that your hard-won judgment or arbitral award is worth more than the paper it’s printed on.

Discussion will include:  

•    Understanding tactics debtors use to obfuscate or deplete their collectable assets.

•    Identifying assets that can be seized and leveraged against the debtor. 

•    Obtaining cross-border freezing orders.

•    Negotiating with local government authorities and third-parties. 

Learn how to really bring home a ‘win’ for your clients!


Jurriaan Braat

Kim Ferreira

Naomi Loewith Director of Strategic Partnerships (Canada), and Investment Manager & Legal Counsel

Naomi Loewith is the Director of Strategic Partnerships (Canada), and Investment Manager & Legal Counsel at Omni Bridgeway.  Omni Bridgeway is a global leader in dispute finance, providing funding and management of disputes, and international enforcement of judgments and awards on all continents.

Naomi is responsible for nurturing and building key relationships with corporate clients, law firms and other industry partners. Naomi also serves as an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel. In that role, she assesses cases for funding, and acts as a sounding board for claimants and their counsel at all stages of their litigation.  Naomi obtained a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and clerked for Justice Morris Fish at the Supreme Court of Canada.
Prior to joining Omni Bridgeway, Naomi was a litigator at Lenczner Slaght LLP. In that role, Naomi conducted trials and appeals before all levels of courts and regulatory bodies.   Naomi is the Vice-Chair of the Advocates’ Society In-House Counsel Practice Committee, and is the co-chair of Ontario’s Harvard Law School Women’s Alliance.  Naomi also serves as a parent mentor for the Bob Rumball Center for the Deaf and as a Board Member for the Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School.

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