Navigating the Marketing Minefield |

Navigating the Marketing Minefield

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1 hour
Sandra Bekhor
Kavita Bhagat
Peel Law Association
1 hour
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Marketing impact starts with being intentional. Better choices lead to more effective marketing efforts. Join Sandra Bekhor for this valuable session which

helps you better understand the marketing journey for legal professionals.


  • How to set priorities

  • How to determine your audience

  • How to identify your objectives

  • How to be proactive instead of reactive

  • How to select appropriate media options

  • How to build a marketing plan


Sandra Bekhor President

Sandra Bekhor founded Bekhor Management in 2005 to enable professionals to realize the vision for their practice from start-up through to succession planning, through business and marketing strategies.

From lawyers to architects, doctors and accountants - Sandra has helped small to mid-sized, professional practices successfully emerge in the modern marketplace, with meaningful marketing that stands out from the crowd and the leadership development necessary to sustain it.

Sandra regularly speaks, teaches and writes about practice development for various professional associations and publications including CBA PracticeLink and SlawTips. In partnership with the TLA, Sandra co-founded, ‘Keeping it Social’, a LinkedIn group for lawyers that meets quarterly to learn practice tips and network.

Sandra is the instructor for the RAIC’s 'Marketing for Architects' course. She is also writing a chapter for the 2nd edition of ‘Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices’, to be published by the American Bar Association in the Spring of 2021.

Kavita Bhagat

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