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Marketing Plan Strategies to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out

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Sandra Bekhor
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
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A successful business requires a business plan, and a successful business plan includes a comprehensive marketing strategy. Unsure where to begin? Our presenter can help. She provides you with tips and tools to develop a plan that adapts as your practice grows, illustrating why it’s critical to have a career—long strategy. You learn how to build and expand a website and how to sustain a social media presence, plus explore a variety of other marketing tools you can use to promote your skills and content and—ultimately— make your law firm stand out.

Understanding the business of law, including financial considerations, client development and strategic planning.  Developing a business plan and what goes into one; developing a marketing strategy; providing tools and tips to help develop both; learning how to build and expand a website and how to maintain a social media presence.


Sandra Bekhor

In September 2005, I launched Bekhor Management. It was a return to my roots – architecture and healthcare –as a consultant. A natural fit. Ironically, it was neither of these fields that was the inspiration for my business. Rather, it was a marketing and planning exercise for a law firm. The extent to which this work delivered immediate benefit was an eye opener. It illustrated the very real need for strategic thinking about a professional practice as a business. The vision took flight. Today, I have clients that date back to when I founded my firm. It’s been truly gratifying to watch them strengthen year after year, from the opening of branch offices to owning a niche market, successful relaunches, restructuring, retreats and more.

For some, all they needed was a single focused program.

For others, I became the firm’s go-to business and marketing specialist for any challenge or opportunity, large or small. With every step we took– from developing strategic and marketing plans, to implementing programs and coaching individual leaders – our continuing relationship enabled deeper knowledge about the firm and its people. Regardless, of the immediate priority – generating new clients, attracting quality files, retaining talent, building bench strength or establishing accountability – ultimately, our work together enabled growth, sustainability and profit.

As a long time advocate of leveraging sound business and marketing principles within professional practice, I regularly contribute to several professional publications, including The Lawyers Weekly, SlawTips, The Bottom Line and The Pulse – Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors. I also frequently speak at professional conferences, symposiums and online events. Some notable, recent examples include: ‘Video Marketing –The 1.8 Million Word Promotion’ and ‘Turning Strangers into Clients’, a topic that’s been requested by three distinct professional bodies: Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and Association of Perinatal Naturopathic Doctors (APND). As well, in partnership with Toronto Lawyers Association, I co-founded, ‘Keeping it Social’, a LinkedIn group for law firms that meets quarterly both to learn practice tips and network amongst themselves. Practising lawyers in the Toronto Area can join by clicking here.

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