Fundamentals of a Successful Solo Practice |

Fundamentals of a Successful Solo Practice

Fundamentals of a Successful Solo Practice

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CPD Accredited Credits
Professionalism: 0.75
Substantive: 0.75
Monica Bharadwaj
Murray Maltz
Royland Moriah
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
90 minutes
$119.00 plus tax

Professionalism Content

  1. What are you selling – understanding the business of law, client development and strategic planning
  2. Bill Bill and Bill – maintaining proper books and records; time management
  3. Retainers and receivables/ How to be diligent in collection. Maintaining proper books and records
  4. Detriment of a line of credit and financing. Getting a business credit card. Meeting financial obligations to third parties
  5. If you cannot afford it do not do it – opening a legal practice
  6. Incorporation pros and cons – Understanding the business of law and strategic planning
  7. Renting space – meeting financial obligations to third parties; understanding the business of law and financial considerations
  8. Computers /Programs – Technology in a law practice, including consideration for security of information, productivity and efficiency
  9. Part time staff/Researchers/Legal Assistant/Court Runners/Conveyancers/Bookkeeper/Accountant – training, supervising and delegating to staff; handling money properly

Remainder of Program

  1. Pay yourself what you are worth
  2. Mentors – value and how to get one
  3. Webpages – marketing your business
  4. Seminar – marketing your business
  5. Word of mouth – referrals/marketing your business
  6. Networking –marketing your business
  7. Quality of work – ensuring competence and CPD requirements
  8. Furniture and Equipment – what do you need just starting out


Monica Bharadwaj

Murray Maltz

Royland Moriah

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