Family Law Conference: Part 2 Parenting Plans & Diminishing Conflict. Parenting Plans |

Family Law Conference: Part 2 Parenting Plans & Diminishing Conflict. Parenting Plans

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Professionalism (Ethics, etc.): 0.5
40 minutes
Substantive: 0.75
40 minutes
Nicholas Bala
County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)
80 minutes
$109.00 plus tax
Includes Handouts

This speaker is a well-respected and distinguished Professor who has presented to family lawyers and the judiciary on various family law topics throughout the years. Professor Bala will provide practical and legal information dealing with parenting issues and specifically the negotiation and drafting of Parenting Plans. On this topic, Professor Bala will speak on ethics and professional responsibility, client service, ethical advocacy, practice management and EDI which include:

  • 1.4          Duty to act in good faith and avoid sharp practice;
  • 1.6          Duties related to advocacy;
  • 1.15        Required conduct of lawyers arising from statute, legislation;
  • 2.1          Making legal services available to the public;
  • 2.4          Recognizing and being sensitive to client's circumstances;
  • 2.5          Managing difficult clients;
  • 2.14        Dealing effectively with unrepresented persons;
  • 4.2          Treating the court, opposing counsel, parties and others with courtesy and Respect;
  • 4.3          Refraining from sharp practice;
  • 4.4          Encouraging respect for legal institutions and authorities;
  • 6.0          Understanding power and privilege;
  • 6.3          Impact of daily verbal, behavioural and environmental indignities
  • 6.6          How to prevent and address discrimination and harassment.


Professor Nicholas Bala

Nicholas Bala has been a Professor of Law at Queen's University since 1980. Nick is a leading international authority on legal issues related to families and children, including the role of children in the courts, high conflict separations and parental alienation, domestic violence and juvenile justice. Much of his research is interdisciplinary and collaborative. His work is frequently cited by judges, including in the Supreme Court of Canada, and all levels of court in Ontario. His contributions to family law research and professional education were recognized when he was awarded Law Society Medal in 2008, and in 2013 he was elected to the Royal Society of Canada. He was also the recipient of the Ontario Bar Association Award for Excellence in Family Law in 2008.

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