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Excelling at Mediation Advocacy: 2.0 - A Master Class for Junior- to Mid-Career Lawyers

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45 minutes
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30 minutes
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15 minutes
Mitchell Rose
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
90 minutes
$129.00 plus tax
Includes Handouts

Join experienced mediator and lawyer Mitchell Rose in a newly updated version of his popular program.

Learn all the mediation tips and tools you need to succeed in your practice and help your clients.

Mitchell will explore the following issues:

  • 40+ tips for excelling at mediation advocacy in civil disputes
  • Recent case law, legislation and Rules of Professional Conduct you need to know
  • When – and when not – to mediate
  • Tips and tactics unique to virtual mediation
  • Choosing the right mediator for your case
  • The hidden dangers lurking mediation agreements, as well as the lack thereof, and what to do about it
  • Effective preparation and managing client expectations
  • How to write a persuasive Mediation Brief
  • Mastering joint (plenary) sessions—even if you dislike them
  • Neutralizing personal attacks and bullies
  • Settlement offer essentials
  • Building your resilience for when you are caught off-guard
  • When to stay and when to walk away (a.k.a. when to press the “leave meeting” button)
  • Why “Minutes Matter” more than ever
  • Getting more value from your mediator
  • How to break an impasse in negotiations


Mitchell Rose

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