Defamation in the Internet Age |

Defamation in the Internet Age

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Michel Castillo
Middlesex Law Association
30 minutes
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This presentation is not about the evils of social media. To the contrary; social media is potentially an outstanding tool. The problem is that it is also, potentially, a source of many headaches for our clients (let alone for us as professionals).  However, social media can be misused, and people have a tendency to be Dr. Jekyll in real life, but Mr. Hyde on the internet. It is not enough for people to disagree, some people must vehemently disagree and sometimes add adjectives and expletives to make their point (of course they do not but somehow, they feel like they do!)  This presentation reviews the law of defamation, recent cases including damage awards, and tips on how to “behave” and avoid claims for defamation in the internet age!


Michel Castillo

Michel Castillo is a lawyer with 20+ years experience in civil litigation and dispute resolution.

Originally from Guatemala, Central America, Michel moved to Canada with his family in his teenage years. He earned a Bachelor Arts in History and Geography from Western University.  He then earned his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws in Commercial Law (LLM) from Cardiff University.  Called to the Bar in Alberta in 1998, Michel represented clients at all levels of Alberta Courts and in the Federal Court.  Called to the Bar in Ontario in 2004, Michel has continued to represent clients in all levels of Court in Ontario and before tribunals.

In addition to the practice of law, Michel is a part time instructor at triOS College in London, ON, teaching a number of courses to paralegal candidates.  Michel is active in the business community as a member of The Entrepreneur Nation (2019) and past member of the London Chamber of Commerce (2012 – 2016).  He also volunteers for a number of sport, business, and professional organizations including the Oakridge Optimist Soccer Club (2018-2019), Southend United Soccer Club (2013-2017) and the Middlesex Law Association Board of Trustees (2006-2009), in addition to other volunteer work for professional associations and organizations.

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