Construction Law's New Era of Adjudication & Prompt Payment in Review |

Construction Law's New Era of Adjudication and Prompt Payment in Review

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Substantive: 1.0
1 hour
Karen Groulx
Chad Kopach
Andrea Lee
Ivan Merrow
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
1 hour
$119.00 plus tax
Includes Handouts

The Construction Act’s new provisions have been in force for one full year. Adjudication is gaining momentum as a fast-track dispute resolution mechanism for construction disputes in Ontario. Join this program to review the Act’s key updates and review Ontario’s first year of adjudication from the perspectives of both adjudicator and counsel.

Ontario adjudicator and litigator Chad Kopach of Blaney McMurtry will be joined by construction lawyers Andrea Lee of Glaholt Bowles LLP and Karen Groulx of Dentons (Canada) LLP.

The panel will review:

  1. prompt payment and adjudication scenarios,
  2. key updates in the Act, and
  3. early lessons learned from the new adjudication regime.

Toronto lawyers with clients in the construction or real estate industries will be well-served to become familiar with adjudication as it takes flight in Ontario.


Karen Groulx

Chad Kopach

Andrea Lee

Ivan Merrow

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