Clients Make the Practice of Law Possible: How Much Influence Do They Have? Part 1: The Present & Future of Legal Services |

Clients Make the Practice of Law Possible: How Much Influence Do They Have? Part 1: The Present and Future of Legal Services

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Professionalism (Ethics, etc.): 2.25
135 minutes
Peter Aprile
Kathryn Hendrikx
Molly C. Luu
Dan Pinnington
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
135 minutes
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7th Annual Current Topics in Ethics & Professionalism
Includes Handouts

The first half of the presentation will be led by Dan Pinnington of LAWPRO on how the practice of law has changed, and is going to change, in Ontario. With technology and artificial intelligence enabling greater access to legal information, people no longer immediately turn to lawyers for advice. In many practice areas, clients have successfully revolted against the billable hour. In all areas, an expectation of operational efficiency like automation has become mandatory. What can you do to keep up? Dan’s introduction will be followed by a panel discussion on what some of your daring colleagues are doing to remain relevant and competitive!

The Changing Landscape of Legal Services and the Response to Client’s Needs (Dan Pinnington)

Making Legal Services Available to the Public/Fees

  1. Keeping track of important statistics and advertising them to make legal services more accessible to the public (Peter A.)
  2. 3-step model for values-based pricing and alternative fee arrangements (Molly C. Luu)
  3. Tracking fees so that a client knows, on average, that for every $1 in fees, they will get back $16 back in tax savings/refunds (Peter A.)
  4. How Kathryn Hendrikx makes her legal services more available to the public

Advertising Legal Services With a Unique Marketing Strategy

  1. The way Molly C. Luu’s firm pitches its services on its website is unique (Molly C. Luu)
  2. The way Peter’s firm markets its services is also unique (Peter A.)
  3. How Kathryn Hendrikx markets in a unique way to family clients

Designing Quality Services with the Client in Mind

  1. Molly C. Luu will talk about the transparency model at her firm, customized services and how clients only pay for what they need (Molly C. Luu)
  2. Peter’s firm created a unique systems and software tools (Counter Measure™) to help them gather facts and evidence quickly, conduct more rigorous analysis, develop more sophisticated strategies and make better decisions. The systems are designed to focus their collective efforts – and the client’s investment. This allows him to produce better results for his clients.
  3. How Kathryn Hendrikx designs her services with the family client in mind.


Peter Aprile

Peter Aprile is a tax controversy and litigation lawyer and the founder of Counter Tax Lawyers, a Toronto-based firm that develops innovative strategies for resolving tax disputes. From its proprietary tax dispute and litigation software, CounterMeasure, to its other technology tools and its independently audited performance results, Counter is committed to disrupting the world of tax law and encouraging other lawyers to join its (sometimes starry-eyed) mission to engineer how law firms work.

Along with fellow cult member Counter lawyer Natalie Worsfold, Peter is also the co-host of the podcast Building NewLaw, which he started mostly to give him an excuse to talk to other odd, creative, hardworking, and obsessive people who are looking to shove the practice of law off the beaten track.  Peter and his podcast have both won awards: Peter won a Precedent Setter award in 2016 and was one of the Fastcase 50 in 2016; Building NewLaw won a 2016 Clawbie award for Best Podcast.

He is a regular speaker and writer and has shared his views on the practice of law and on tax issues in several different venues. He is constantly trying to make things better, which can prove exhausting and sometimes downright infuriating for those around him, but he is pretty sure that the final results are worth it.

Kathryn Hendrikx

Kathryn practices exclusively in the area of Family Law.  Kathryn has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Arts and received her LL.B. from Osgoode Hall.  Kathryn was called to the bar in 2002 and in 2005 focussed her practice exclusively in Family Law.

In 2015 Kathryn was appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) of the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. Dispute Resolution Officers (DROs) are senior family lawyers appointed to conduct family case conferences. DRO programs provide litigants in family proceedings with an early evaluation of their case by a neutral third party. The work conducted by DROs mainly deals with motions to change child and spousal support orders.

Kathryn has managed complex litigation files and is also trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution methods and Collaborative Family Law.  She completed her Family Arbitration requirements in 2015. She is a member of the Women’s Law Association of Ontario and has contributed to numerous programs and events presented by WLAO in conjunction with the Law Society of Upper Canada and the OBA.  Kathryn is on the Board of the Ontario Bar Association and is Chair of the Policy and Public Affairs committee. She is a member of the Family Lawyers Association of Ontario and the AFCC.  Kathryn is active in all aspects of Family Law and is change orientated.

Molly C. Luu

Molly is a litigator with Speigel Nichols Fox LLP, a boutique business law firm. Her practices focuses on general commercial, construction, and tax litigation. Molly spent a summer and her articling year at a Bay Street law firm, followed by a year as a judicial law clerk where she worked closely with the judges of the Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

Dan Pinnington

Dan Pinnington is a legal technology evangelist and is well known for his tech tips. As the Vice President, Claims Prevention and Stakeholder Relations at LAWPRO, Dan helps lawyers avoid malpractice claims and helps LAWPRO reach out to its stakeholders. His vision, energy and ideas have made the practicePRO program an internationally recognized claims prevention initiative.

Dan is a prolific writer, speaker and blogger on legal malpractice, risk management, legal technology, and law practice management issues. The American Bar Association published The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Tips to Power Your Practice, a book he co-authored with Reid Trautz. He a past Editor-in-Chief of the ABA’s Law Practice magazine, was Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2007 and helped launch the ABA's Law Practice Today Webzine.

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