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Busting the 24 Month Wrongful Dismissal Notice Barrier: Dawe v. The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada

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30 minutes
Andrew Camman
Susan Toth
Middlesex Law Association
30 minutes
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Includes Handouts
  1. Update in Employment Law with respect to extending notice periods past 24 months and how to limit employer liability to long term employees.
  2. Dealing with bonus payouts if an employee has been terminated:
    1. What will they be owed?
    2. How do you draft enforceable forfeiture clauses dealing with not paying bonuses during notice periods?


Andrew Camman

Andrew F. Camman is a partner at the firm of Polishuk Camman & Steele and counsel to the Toronto firm Pace Law firm for whom he performs trial work.  He received his law degree at the University of Western Ontario and was called to the Bar in 1985 and has practiced primarily in the area of labour and employment law.  Andrew has been a lecturer at the Bar Admission course in London as well as at the Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario and the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto.

He has conducted contract negotiations and has appeared all levels of the judicial system, at numerous mediations, arbitrations, and Labour Relations Board hearings.  Andrew is knowledgeable in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Worker’s Compensation, Pay Equity and Wrongful Dismissal, to name a few.  His practice includes creating job evaluation manuals, corporate compensation plans, employment contracts and Health and Safety Plans.

Susan Toth

Susan Toth is a partner at Polishuk, Camman and Steele. Her practice focuses mainly on employment, human rights and defamation law. She is a 1st generation Canadian, who grew up overseas. Susan is also a law geek who can’t wait to get COVID-19 vaccinated and aspires to understand Tik Tok.

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