Attract: Personal Branding for Lawyers |

Attract: Personal Branding for Lawyers

Attract: Personal Branding for Lawyers

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30 minutes
Andris Pone
Middlesex Law Association
30 minutes
$79.00 plus tax
MLA's 2018 Straight from the Bench Conference
Includes Handouts

Personal Brand Attraction:  How attractive is your personal brand? Can you draw in the people – the perfect clients, lawyers and business partners – who could make an enormous difference in your effort to share your unique gifts with the world and fulfill your highest potential?  The fact is this: to attract those we seek, we must exude tremendous brand strength.


Andris Pone

Coin Branding president Andris Pone believes that everyone has a unique gift and the right to share it. His new book is Attract: Power Up Your One-of-a-Kind Personal Brand. His previous book is the Globe and Mail #1 bestseller, Brand: It Ain’t the Logo. Andris is the go-to branding expert for CBC’s The National, CBCRadio One and the National Post. An entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, he has given keynotes across North America to Starbucks, Home Depot, Unisource and some of the world's largest banks and insurance companies.

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