Applying the Science of Persuasion to Brain Injury Cases |

Applying the Science of Persuasion to Brain Injury Cases

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Substantive: 2.0
2 hours
Edward Lazarus
Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia
Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia
2 hours
$149.00 plus tax
TLABC Brain Injury Conference 2017

In this presentation, Edward Lazarus will:

  1. Examine how to present your case in the way that your audience will find it most believable
  2. Discuss the most persuasive way to present your evidence in cases with invisible injuries


Edward Lazarus

Ed Lazarus is a partner in the trial strategy firm Winning Works as well as the president of Lazarus Strategic Services. Winning Works conducts focus groups and surveys to help develop case themes and trial stories, as well as assist with jury selection, opening statements and closing arguments, order of witnesses and evidence, and witness preparation.  Knowledge of the current research and science in the areas of decision-making, persuasive communications, and communications strategy, as well as the jury bias model, has enabled Winning Works to develop successful case stories and trial strategies. Lazarus’ clients have achieved verdicts totaling more than three billion dollars using his strategic insights, case theming and framing, and litigation coaching.

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