Appealing on Credibility; The View from the Court of Appeal: Thoughts on Advocacy

Appealing on Credibility; The View from the Court of Appeal: Thoughts on Advocacy
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Substantive: 1.0
1 hour
Brian Gover
Ian Nordheimer
Dagmara Wozniak
Middlesex Law Association
1 hour
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MLA's 2018 Straight from the Bench Conference

The Honourable Mr. Justice Ian Nordheimer, Brian Gover, and Dagmara Wozniak discuss the following topics:

  • Appealing on Credibility
  • Thoughts on Advocacy, the View from the Court of Appeal


Brian Gover

The Honourable Mr. Justice Ian Nordheimer

Prior to his appointment to the Court of Appeal, Justice Ian V.B. Nordheimer had an eighteen-year career as a judge of Toronto's Superior Court of Justice. During this time, Justice Nordheimer has written numerous decisions in civil and criminal law, grappling with issues at the heart of Canada's constitutional democracy, such as the open court principle, the rights of the accused, and the treatment of lawfully assembled protesters. He is recognized by his peers as an expert in multiple areas of law, including class actions, commercial law and criminal law. He also presided over a number of significant trials, including notable murder cases.

In addition to his prolific writing, Justice Nordheimer has held significant administrative positions on the Superior Court of Justice including as the Administrative Judge of the Divisional Court and as Leader of the Criminal Long Trial (Homicide) Team. He also served for many years as a member of the Civil Rules Committee. Furthermore, he is a frequent contributor to continuing legal education programs.

Born in Toronto, but raised in both Montreal and Calgary, Justice Nordheimer earned his honours commerce degree from Queen's University and then his law degree from the same institution. Justice Nordheimer went on to practise commercial litigation with Fraser & Beatty (now Dentons LLP) in Toronto until he was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in April 1999.

Dagmara Wozniak

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