Law Association Discount Instructions |

Law Association Discount Instructions

Follow these instructions to claim your discounted subscription:

Registration and Purchase Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Get Started
  3. Choose ‘Individual Subscription
  4. Click 'Subscribe now'
    Note: the price here shows 399.00, it will change to 199.50 at Checkout
  5. Register: Fill in fields, click, ‘Create my account’
  6. Checkout: Input your Association code (note price change to 199.50)
    Note: Your Association code is the first word of your association’s name followed by upper case ‘CPD’, ie, AlgomaCPD (case sensitive)
  7. Billing Information: Fill in fields, ‘Continue to Purchase’
  8. Review Order: Input credit card information, ‘Place your Order’

How to watch videos:

  1. Login (if you’re not already)
  2. Click, ‘Law Videos’
  3. Search by using drop down menus: Prof/Sub, Practice Area, etc.
  4. Choose either Tab of List view
  5. Click on video to make it open to the video play screen
    Note: If watching with a colleague(s), input email addresses
  6. Click video arrow to play
    Note: Proof of Attendance emails are sent upon video completion.

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