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I don’t get to a lot of conferences and they’re expensive. The most important facet is the expensive factor. This is just so much cheaper and even the older ones (videos) are equally beneficial. Most of my work is Legal Aid, small claims, Family and especially child protection and you have lots of excellent content. I also really like the judges’ panels. It’s really helpful to get the bench’s perspective. Oh…you post full conferences on the site?…Great. I’m interested in the two day family law conference from CCLA posted every spring…that’ll be my cpd credits right there. That, in itself, will save me $600.00. Speaker papers? Yes, I’ve downloaded them and find them quite useful. Price: This has been a godsend for my budget. Having access to these videos has also been a huge convenience, but that’s not even my goal. My goal is to learn more, and these videos have been excellent.

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