How to Win or Lose with Class?

How to Win or Lose with Class?

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CPD Accredited Credits
Professionalism: 1.0
Todd Archibald
Leslie Dizgun
Jocelyn Speyer
David A. Wright
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
1 hour
$99.00 plus tax
4th Annual Current Topics in Ethics & Professionalism
Includes Handouts

There is a new rule on integrity in the Rules of Professional Conduct, which comes into force on October 1, 2014.  R. 2.  The quality of being honest and fair is at the heart of our justice system, yet incivility persists. The following ethical issues will be considered in an engaging panel discussion:

  • Is there is an inherent set of values that define the “moral conscience” of lawyers? R. 5.1
  • How does this “moral conscience of a lawyer” intersect with the values of civility and professionalism in the Courtroom? R. 3.2
  • While lawyers have a professional duty to treat the court, opposing counsel and others with courtesy and respect, should clients have these duties too?  In Radonicich v Reamey [2008] OJ No 2210, the court held that these principles applied to self-represented litigants. Why should they not also apply to represented litigants? Rr. 3, 5.6, 7.2, 7.1
  • How does the codification of proportionality impact a client’s wealth of resources? Should it limit or reduce the number of court motions/time in proportion to the legal issues at play? R. 5.1
  • How can lawyers refrain from sharp practice?


The Honourable Todd Archibald

Leslie Dizgun

Jocelyn Speyer

David A. Wright

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