10th Annual Articling Students and Masters' Motions

10th Annual Articling Students and Masters' Motions

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Substantive: 1.5
Andrew J. Graham
Joan Haberman
Stephen Mullings
Donald Short
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
90 minutes
$119.00 plus tax

Professionalism is required in any civil matter, but is on public display to opposing counsel and the court when appearing on motions. This CPD program is a primer aimed at articling students as they begin arguing Masters' Motions and has lessons on professionalism, ethics and practice management throughout the program.  Specific examples are cited below: 

  • Avoiding motions
  • Civility in the courtroom 
  • Costs outlines and submissions
  • Times for service issues 
  • Estimating time for argument, preparing the written materials/documents dos and don'ts
  • How to prepare for a court appearance (including knowing the file, the motion, taking responsibility for the materials and preparing the oral argument) 


Master Andrew J. Graham

Master Joan Haberman

Master Haberman was appointed as a Case Management Master in November 1998.

Before her appointment, she was senior counsel with the Crown Law Office, where her practice focused on malicious prosecution, institutional and sexual abuse claims, and insurance law. Prior to her work with the Crown, Master Haberman worked in private practice as personal injury counsel. She is a former member of the Civil Rules Committee and taught at the Bar Admissions Course for many years.

After her appointment, Master Haberman served as a member of the Simplified Rules Committee for 10 years. She retired from the Bench at the end of November 2016, and now happily reads the morning paper, practices yoga as often as she likes, and works on her landscape paintings. From time to time, she still speaks and writes on oral and written advocacy and related topics.

Stephen Mullings

Master Donald Short

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