Key Differences between Ontario & Quebec Employment Law; Termination Pay for Large Payrolls |

Key Differences between Ontario and Quebec Employment Law; Termination Pay for Large Payrolls

Key Differences between Ontario and Quebec Employment Law; Termination Pay for Large Payrolls

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Heather Austin-Skaret
Sean Bawden
Kevin MacNeill
County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)
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Key Differences between Ontario and Quebec Employment Law

Although not constitutionally enshrined, there should be little doubt that Québec is indeed a “distinct society” vis-à-vis other Canadian provinces.

This is certainly true as concerns its legal traditions and norms. Whereas the legal system in most Canadian provinces is based on the English common law, Québec’s draws from the civil law tradition of continental Europe.

Although there are many similarities between Québec employment law norms and those of the other Canadian provinces, a number of which we will see in this presentation, there are also many differences, too many in fact to fully comment upon in the confines of this presentation.

Termination Pay for Large Payrolls (Mo Money Mo Problems)

The purpose of this presentation is to canvass the subject of the obligation to pay statutory severance pay. As will be explained more fully below, pursuant to the provisions of section 64 of the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000, it is patently obvious that, notwithstanding anything Ol’ Dirty Bastard may have said about the subject, 2 the more money that employers come across, the more problems they’ll see.


Heather Austin-Skaret

Heather Austin Skaret’s practice includes estate planning and administration as well as commercial and residential real estate work. She values long-standing relationships with some of Ottawa’s leading real estate agents and mortgage brokers. She enjoys sharing knowledge and experience with others and enjoys giving presentations and seminars. Over the years, Heather has developed extensive experience in the area of estate planning and administration, which allows her to assist clients at some of their most difficult times. Heather Austin Skaret is constantly updating her knowledge as a member of S.T.E.P. and the Ottawa Estate Planning Council. As a true Maritimer, born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, she, of course, headed west. Heather started her university career at the University of Saskatchewan and then started inching her way back east, stopping to attend and complete her undergraduate at the University of Manitoba in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). Heather Austin Skaret then moved to Ottawa in 1990 to begin her formal legal education, earning her law degree from the University of Ottawa in 1994. She was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1995. Heather’s practice started as an articling student with the firm Gold Gulliver, which evolved to Gold Gilbert Mann and then Mann & Associates. In late 2003, She helped form her current partnership, Mann Lawyers LLP, where Heather together with her great staff and skilled associates offer exceptional legal services to their clients. When she is not in the office, Heather enjoys spending time with family at home or at the cottage or taking out her frustrations on the volleyball court with Women & Sport. If Heather can help you with real estate matters or estate planning needs or estate issues, please send her an email.

Sean Bawden

Sean Bawden is a partner with the law firm of Kelly Santini LLP. He was called to the bar in 2008 and practices in the areas of employment law and civil litigation. He has also taught Trial Advocacy for Paralegals and Small Claims Court Practice at Algonquin College. He is the author of the employment law blog Labour Pains His twitter handle is @SeanBawden.

Kevin MacNeill

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